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Superman prequel series Krypton featuring the house of El has received a premiere date from SYFY, and the network has also unveiled a new image from the show to coincide with thew news.



We already knew that the David Goyer venture bringing the lineage of the last son of Krypton will be featuring on SYFY somewhere in March. The show is said to be connected with the DC Films and holds a direct connection to Russel Crowe’s Jor-El and Henry Cavill’s Kal-El. This is because the show centers around the grandfather of Kal-El , Seg-El ; a time traveller. But SYFY has now given an exact release date of 21st March , 2018 for the show along with a new image featuring Seg-El’s grandfather, Val-El along with his parents. Check the image down below :



Are you hyped for SYFY’s Krypton ? Let us know in the comments section below !

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