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In case you missed it , the last trailer of Deadpool 2 dropped a few hours ago  and that broke a lot of fourth walls name-dropping different references from all sorts of places of the comic book industry. One of the most popular ones which people are talking about right now is the DC Universe reference. When Cable remarked Deadpool to be “just a clown dressed up like a sex-toy” , the merc with a mouth joked “So dark. Are you sure you are not from the DC Universe ?” Here is the trailer if you need to brush up your memory a little.



The humorous reference has made the fans talking about it ever since. Now Green Lantern from the upcoming Teen Titans Go animated movie has took time to get back at Deadpool. Remember the times Ryan Reynolds used to dress up as Green Lantern ? Yeah sure you forgot ! But looks like DC hasn’t yet. Check out the tweet below :  



Green Lantern (2011) was supposed to be DC’s first entry to what they thought could expand into a shared superhero universe. Unfortunately , the movie was both a commercial and critical failure and they had to wait for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel to start the universe two years later.

Thanks to the grim and serious setting Snyder prefers in his movies , DC Films has earned itself a name for being dark and gritty in the industry. However , DC can be more colorful than Marvel and has more textures to it then the Batman. Hopefully the upcoming movies will help clear up some of the air.

Successful roles are often talked about in the industry , but what about the other ones ? Guess , in comic book industry , no one forgets anything ! Let us know what you thought about DC’s reply to the merc with a mouth in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates. Deadpool 2 hits theaters 18th May , 2018 whereas Teen Titans Go! To the Movies has a 27th July , 2018 release date.

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Oh man ! These teen titans though. Can we expect a reply from Ryan ?

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