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Superhero Abode is meant primarily for all superhero fans and deals with their infotainment ,  creativity , discussions and other sources of fruitful infotainment related to superheroes . It does not concern itself with anything outside it. However the language used in this site is mostly English as we assume most of you out there to know the language. For people not well versed in English , they can use translators but we do not hold responsibility of the efficiency of the translation. Also , we do not accept translation requests at this moment and we are extremely sorry for that.

Following are some very basic terms of use you MUST abide by. Alternatively , it will make you aware how you can utilize all the services that we intend to give to you on this platform , efficiently  :

Superhero Abode is a sweet blog by which it keeps you informed about anything superhero/comic book related. But it is , not so secretly , a social network for everyone who decides to stay and be a part of the community. Anyone can view any article/post/topic or even like/dislike a comment on Superhero Abode. By using our site and utilizing its resources ; with or without being a member ; one is agreeing to our privacy policy. 

1.Registration – Superheroabode.com provides superhero/comicbook updates to all , on the front-end. However it is a social network site based on superheroes in the back-end. You require a one-time  , simple and free registration with us to gain access to all membership privileges : comment on any of the posts on the site , access our social network ,participate in our forum(s) and/or share your content through our fan creativity section. And by doing so , you are agreeing to abide by all of our terms of use present here. 

Before you skip on to the next section , let us tell you why Registration is fun !

A one-time free and simple registration will make sure you can take all the advantages of the platform we intend to provide you. Often fan creativity , forums and comments combined helps create and further exercise a thought process , if you are really invested in a topic/update. No need to switch to different places. All the features at your hands in one place – in one community.

And Superhero Abode is a social network based on Superheroes. If things starts looking confusing at start , use your top-bar for convenience. While the left-side of the menu represents the blog side , the right-side icon provides useful links to services you can use in the social network. Both the blog and social network are integrated to one another.

However ,at the point of registration , it is advisable to ensure that your username is not a trademarked symbol/character/word of some individual/organization. We are committed to protect the trademark policy of others. On the verification of a genuine complain lodge , we may be forced to change your username. However, you would be informed of the same. 

2.Relevancy The primary thing about Superhero Abode is that it is everything related to Superheroes and comic books. We all love shows which might not be a comic book show or superhero show and would love to talk about those. But Superhero Abode intends to concentrate just on comic books and superheroes ; and we all ought to respect that point. Even a comic book or superhero reference of an external content are encouraged. However , totally irrelevant content in any platforms on Superhero Abode are discouraged and/or not approved of.

Further the administrators has and continuously is making every effort so as to guide every one of its readers. We have created categories for fan platform and layered landing pages to different forums instead of one generic forum , for the same reason.Different users have different tastes and love different environment. Our primary motive is to provide the same. We enforce relevancy at different points and do not encourage talk beyond the scope of this site. 

3.CopyrightNo one likes Copyright – neither you nor us. There’s plenty of free stuff out there and some copyrighted materials even come with a prescribed terms of use. Please abide by the terms of the owner. Someone might have earned that content through a lot of hard work and we don’t have the right to steal it. Give credits even if it’s not required ! Deleting an user’s topic/article is the last thing we would want to do , so please do not force us to do so. To know more about how to claim our Copyright polices click here.

4.Dashboard –

If you are logged in , you will have all the services available to you at your dashboard. Dashboard contains access to your inbox , activity log , groups , notifications and friends.

1.If you want to discuss a topic in detail , consider making a topic in the forums tagging the desired members. For concise discussion with selective members , use a group. A group can be made by anyone and you can be requested to join in , friend or not. It is up to you to take the final decision. Group cover photos and/or other representative pictures are subject to our copyright/trademark policies. Messages do not support chat-rooms , use groups for group chats.

2.Messages , Groups and Forum Topics should be strictly based on topics Superhero Abode covers. Avoid irrelevant messages to any other member.

3.Give the other person time to read.Also if an user does not reply to your message , do not keep re-sending your message.That is a mode of harassment irrespective of how noble or honest the thought behind it is.

4. A message to another member can be public or private . In public messages , other members have access to read your message. Private messages are however limited to the two – the sender and the receiver.You can not send media attachments in your message. However you can address a desired media file or post by linking to its URL in your message. 

5. Do not indulge in personal conversations as all the message , public or private are constantly being supervised by the administrators all the time.  The messaging is intended to stay connected with other member who share your love for superheroes , let’s keep it that way.

6.Do not send spam-my/explicit/harassing/hateful/personal/teasing elements in your message. Genuine complaints from users in Superhero Abode is taken seriously. A message which severely breaks the terms of conduct on this site , if reported by any member , will result in an immediate ban.

7. You can send friend requests to anyone in the member directory but honoring that request is up-to the other person. Do not try to persuade the other person to accept the request over messages. 

8. The way e-mails approach you is up to you. You can tweak every notification alerts to on or off depending upon your choice. Use Settings >Email for the same.


You need to be logged in for leaving comments. As previously stated , registration is free and a one time simple thing at Superhero Abode.

a.Members are encouraged  to express their opinions openly and honestly without fear of rejection. Bullying and trolling is an attribute Superheroabode.com doesn’t entertain from anyone !  However trolling is not the same as a proper civil discussion and we understand that.If a disagreement arises, one should use relevant links / theories to reference their point of view instead of simply arguing over an opinion of disagreement. 

b. Austerity is despised , interact with another member with respect or do not interact at all.

c. Blatant promotion of your content in the comments , groups , activity wall , messages or forum section will be treated as spam and will be acted upon strongly .Further we don’t allow links to pirated contents (including shortened links), open end codes , online money earning platforms ,  job offerings and other marketplace offers/promotions/pieces of advice ( irrespective of their point of authenticity ) as a whole or part of the content in.

d.In a condition where you might feel you are being harassed by an user , contact us with the details (screenshot/URL) selecting the reason as User Experience. Reports without evidence are not attended to.

e. For lodging complaints or anything regarding the user experience , consider using the contact form. You can find it at the footer menu of the site. Direct messages to administrators/moderators in this regard are not entertained.

f.Please do not engage in or initiate : 

1. political/religious debates 2. foul mouthing 3. racial/gender/upbringing/culture based jokes in groups , forums or comments section.

g.The moderators and administrators have full privileges to delete your content/comment/topic at any time. Rest assured ! It won’t be done until absolutely necessary.

5.Forum –

a.Its always better to google or search the concerned forum and/or our archive before creating a topic.

b.Topics that saddens/disheartens/discourages other members or are bound to engage online wars will be likely to get deleted.

c.Categories are made for you. Make use of them. Failure in doing so , that is , posting wrong topic in a wrong forum will be treated as Irrelevant.

d.You can only create new topics but not new forums.However , it is to be noted that you don’t have to provided every context you can talk about is created in the form of forums and you can create as many topics in that particular forum as you like. This is to maintain relevancy in the forums. If you feel there is a forum which needs to be there , let us know by selecting the reason as User Experience in our contact form.

e.Good Replies and behavior in the forums are awarded with honor and level upgrades. Upgrades are pinned to user’s profile. 

6.Fan CreativityYou can make a difference at Superhero Abode ! Fan creativity is a platform created to uphold the fan talent by multiple means. We always encourage content which is your creation in an entirety or something that doesn’t breaches someone’s copyright. Here are few basic head starts before you start uploading your content :

a. Once you upload your work on superheroabode.com in the form of any fan posts , you share its rights with us. Rest assured ! This doesn’t involve monetizing/copyrighting your content or exporting it to third-parties. It limits to retaining the posts even after you delete your account.You can delete your account at any point of time. While deletion , all of your contribution and presence (excluding the fan posts) are automatically deleted from the site. Fan posts are retained for the sake of site reputation management. However , if you decide to make an account on the site again at a later point of time , we can contribute all your previous posts to your new account if requested with proof of identity to us. 

b. Post containing links to pirated or copyrighted contents will not be approved and doing that multiple times may get your account suspended.

c.For the Art Gallery section we recommend verifying the source before uploading the art if it is not of your own. Some arts are not allowed to be shared by the creator even if you give credits for them. But if a creator allows his/her content to be shared , give credits even if it is not asked for. Write about the thought process invested with the art. Posts containing just the picture and no insight/info about the same in writing are not approved.

d.You are not allowed to post news.The access is blocked for the sake of authenticity. Read the description of the archives before uploading your content in any one of them. Every category in the fan creativity section addresses a specific kind of posts. So keep in mind to not hurt the relevancy of the site. Most of the time an admin will change your category to a valid one before approval , but in certain cases this might result in your post not getting approved at all.

e.You are not allowed to upload any form of media . For using any form of media (like images,videos ,PDFs,docs,sound files etc.) in your article , please use the URL to the respective media (Insert > Media) to address them. Most of the times , the media should automatically load a preview in the editor. In case you have an offline file try uploading it to a cloud drive or any online platform to share its URL in your content.

f. A post containing just a link to a writing/file is disregarded and not approved.If you have a large writing , try breaking it in parts and let our readers know when they can expect the next part.Furthermore , try clarifying some of the doubts in the comment sections , if any. Your readers deserve that from you.

g. Make sure you are satisfied while uploading your content. Once the content is registered into our site , you can not edit it any more , even when approved. This is for the sake of preventing addition of irrelevant and/or spam-my contents to the article and maintaining a good user experience.

h.We provide you a platform for your content but have no part in protecting your copyright , if any. Furthermore , we discourage people from uploading copyrighted content , neither yours nor someone else’s.Once you upload your content into our database , you are allowing anyone to use it. If any of the moderators/admins comes to like your content , they might share a link to it in our socials.Superhero Abode and superheroabode.com won’t do anything further than that. But note that if any third party decides to steal your work , we can do nothing about that. It’s on you to resolve the matter with the party and we hold no responsibility in between. 

i. The Webmaster of Superheroabode.com can see all activities on the site and reserves the right to delete any of your content without any prior notice at any point of time.However it won’t be done until it’s absolutely necessary.

7.Points System – The members on superheroabode.com are governed on a points system to reflect a measure of his/her value on the platform. Member points are additionally used to buy badges as well as enforce certain conditions for the ranking up of the members. Similarly , users are punished with deduction of points for breaking the terms of use on the site. It is to be noted that the member points are transaction-able only on this platform and are non-convertible to any form of currency/digital currency/crypto-currency or any other form of money. Refer to our point system for detailed insight of the system and its rewards/penalties.

8.Parental Guidance Superheroabode.com is for fans , irrespective of age , gender , race , culture , country or wisdom.But there may be contents or comments around which might just hurt the upbringing or sensibilities of a good kid. So , if you are under 13 , please take your parent’s permission before registering with us. 🙂


With that we welcome you all in our small abode. Happy stay ! 


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