Terms of Use

Hey ! No need to get nervous ! Like all other things on Superheroabode.com , we would like to keep this simple too. Our terms of use will definately help you best understand what Superhero Abode is.

Superhero Abode is meant primarily for superhero fans and deals with their infotainment ,  creativity , discussions and other sources of fruitful infotainment related to superheroes . But we must abide by a basic framework of regulation and rules in order to keep doing so.

Here are some very basic terms of use you MUST abide by :

1.Registration – You require a one-time  , simple and free registration with us to participate in our forum(s) and/or share your content by our fan creativity section. And by doing so , you are agreeing to abide by all of our terms of use present here. For other features like viewing a content on our site or commenting on a post in it , you do not require a Superheroabode.com registration or login id. 

Before you skip on to the next section , let me tell you why Registration is fun ?

A one-time free and simple registration will make sure you can take all the advantages of the platform we intend to provide you. Often fan creativity , forums and comments combined help share your thoughts , if you are really interested in a topic/update. No need to switch to different places. All the features at your hands in one place – in one community. And if things starts looking confusing at start , use the member tools on the left of your screen for convenience. If on a mobile device , you will find the tools by scrolling downwards.

However ,at the point of registration , it is advisable to ensure that your username is not a trademarked symbol/character/word of some individual/organization. We are committed to protect the trademark policy of others. On the verification of a genuine complain lodge , we may be forced to change your username. However, you would be informed of the same. 

2.Relevancy The primary thing about Superhero Abode is that it is everything related to Superheroes and comic books. Go too far from that in any of the platform(s) we offer you and you will risk getting your content/topic/comment deleted. Thus we have created layered landing pages leading you to different forums instead of one generic forum for relevancy and  smooth categorization for basic users. A forum achieve is provided as well.Different users have different tastes and love different environment. Our primary motive is to provide the same.

3.CopyrightNo one likes Copyright – neither you nor us. There’s plenty of free stuff out there and some copyrighted materials even come with a prescribed terms of use. Please abide by the terms of the owner. Someone might have earned that content through a lot of handwork and we don’t have the right to steal it. Give credits even if it’s not required ! Deleting an user’s topic/article is the last thing we would want to do , so please do not force us to do so. To know more about our Copyright polices click here .


The comments section is handled by DISQUS which requires a DISQUS ID or something as simple as a social login.

a.Members are encouraged  to express their opinions openly and honestly without fear of rejection. Bullying and trolling is an attribute Superheroabode.com doesn’t entertain from anyone !  However trolling is not the same as a proper civil discussion and we understand that.If a disagreement arises, one should use relevant links / theories to reference their point of view instead of simply arguing over an opinion of disagreement. 

b. Austerity is despised , interact with another member with respect or do not interact at all.

c.We provide you a platform to share your content  : by filling out the form provided in the Contribute section.. Thus blatant promotion of your content in the comment or forum section will be treated as spam and will be acted upon strongly . We don’t allow links to pirated contents (including shortened links), open end codes [short codes , HTML(5) tages , part of a CSS element ] , online money earning platforms ,  job offerings and other marketplace offers/promotions/pieces of advice ( irrespective of their point of authenticity ) in comments as well as in forums and fan creativity platform .Repetitive endorsement of irrelevant content in comments section will result in a ban.

d.In a condition where you might feel you are being harassed by an user , contact us with the details (screenshot/URL/topic name etc) selecting the reason as User Harassment. False reports against an user more than twice may result in penalty.

e.Please do not engage in or initiate : 

1. political/religious debates 2. foul mouthing 3. racial/gender/upbringing/culture based jokes in forums or comments section.

5.Forum –

a.Its always better to google or search the concerned forum before creating a topic.

b.Topics that saddens/disheartens/discourages other members or are bound to engage online wars will be likely to get deleted.

c.Categories are made for you. Make use of them. Failure in doing so , that is , posting wrong topic in a wrong forum will be treated as Irrelevant.

d.Good Replies and behavior in the forums are awarded with honor and level upgrades. Upgrades are pinned to user’s profile. 

6.Fan CreativityFan creativity is a platform created to uphold the fan talent by multiple means. We always encourage content which is your creation in an entirety or something protected under the fair usage policy. Here are few basic head starts before you start uploading your content :

a.Post containing links to pirated or copyrighted contents will be deleted without any warning and doing that multiple times may get your account suspended.

b.For the Art Gallery section we recommend verifying the source before uploading the art if it is not of your own. Some arts are not allowed to be shared by the creator even if you give credits for them. 

c.You are not allowed to post news.The access is blocked from the server side.

d.You are only allowed to post images as a form of media. For other forms of media (like videos ,PDFs,docs,sound files etc.) please use the URL to the respective media to address them. In case you have an offline file try uploading it to a cloud drive and then share its URL in your content.

e. Writer’s RoomA post containing just a link to a writing/file is disregarded and deleted.If you have a large writing , try breaking it in parts and let our readers know when they can expect the next part.Furthermore , try clarifying some of the doubts in the comment sections.

f.You can use up to 5 images in your article/story.However it is recommended to find a perfect blend between your images and your written content. More images doesn’t necessarily result in a better content.

g.Once you upload your content into our database , your content may get uploaded to any or all of our social medias. This is something you are accepting along all the other terms of use when you use our fan platform. Shares will make visitors come to your content , so you need not worry about credits. Your content remains yours in Superhero Abode.

h. The Webmaster of Superheroabode.com reserves the right to delete any of your content without any prior notice.However it won’t be done until it’s absolutely necessary.

7.Parental Guidance Superheroabode.com is for fans , irrespective of age , gender or wisdom.But there may be contents or comments around which might just hurt the upbringing or sensibilities of a good kid. So , if you are under 13 , please take your parent’s permission before registering with us. 🙂


With that we welcome you all in our small abode. Happy stay !