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Last year when a few set pics got leaked from the sets of Avengers 4 like the one above, fan theories all over the world went berserk. All sought of speculations ran rampant about alternate realities taking place in the movie and its prequel Infinity War. After all Thanos is supposed to be the biggest bad in the known MCU and defeating him might not be that easy and the Avengers might have to turn the tide of time with the help of Doc Strange to somehow overthrow him.

But all those theories have been put to rest by the directors Joe and Anthony Russo. During an interview with Screenrant  the directors told them that they wanted to commit to the story and its stakes. Here is what they said-

Joe Russo : There’s no ‘What If’ scenarios. Everything that happens in these movies, happens in these movies. There’s not like, you know, some potential, a tangential reality. It doesn’t affect the story. It’s if it happens, it happens. We wanted to commit to the storytelling and the most complete way and not give ourselves any kind of, you know, potential, uh, outs, like, uh, it was all a reality dreams.

Anthony Russo : I think that’s because, you know because the stakes are so high in these films and we wanted to honor that he wanted to commit to those stakes.

There you have it. This makes sense if you ask me. Infinity War is already so full of characters and their conclusive arcs that introducing time travel will be troublesome. That does not mean all the surprises are spoilt. We still have a lot to savor and that we will when Destiny arrives on 27th April.

So how do you process this information? Do you feel a little robbed? Sound off below in the comment section.


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