Todd Phillip’s ‘Joker’ Origin Film shooting date and venue reportedly revealed2 min read


Just when people thought that this idea will never fly off the ground , tons of news started to fly in strengthening the fact that Warner is taking this project seriously. As much as I want to be involved with the project , I must commit that I do not know how I feel about the project. Joaquin Phoenix and a low budget of $55 M resonates with me but I do not understand how can a Joker exist without a Batman and other necessary characters. Even though Joker is an incredibly complex character and lots of stories can be cooked around him , I do not know the commercial limits the project can attain without the Bat.

It is already being said that the brains will be working on two Joker movies simultaneously , one within the DC Films , one outside the DC Films ; one featuring Jared Leto , one not. While we do not have any idea on the Jared Leto thing , we do have a reported date by which the cameras can start rolling for Todd Philip’s Joker Origin film. Omega Underground reports that date as September and the venue is New York City. 

While this all , including Joaquin Phoenix attached to star , be a hoax ; we can expect things to get more clear by San Diego Comic Con next month. DC is supposed to make a huge presence this year.In other thoughts , I can already see people who sided Leto’s tattooed incarnation going in for this version.

But for me personally , even though I have a ton of questions regarding the project , I believe in the power of good movies. Even if the movie doesn’t point out to be commercially viable , I believe they can provide us a memorable movie , if done right.  Let us know what you think of the news in the comment section below and follow us for more superhero updates.



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