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This is Superhero Abode’s second character analysis , in which we study the character flaws Tony Stark possesses from the Marvel Cinematic Universe version played by Robert Downey Jr. Please note : this analysis does not extend to the comic book counterpart. 


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Tony Stark is not a superhero , according to a conventional point of view and though he has done great things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , this analysis will take you to depths where hardcore Tony Stark fans may feel uncomfortable. That’s what we do in Superhero Abode’s character analysis , strip off the superhero to the basic human virtues and compare it to real counterparts. So with that fair bit of warning , lets begin.

Robert Downey Jr. started off the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his ambitious role of Tony Stark / Iron Man. While the journey was a roller coaster in terms of the character , Downey helped attach some of his own character attributes into him. Many people say the actor plays himself , and in many ways they are not wrong. To quote Stanford Meisner “Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” 

And while the actor’s versatility helped give the audience some of the strongest moments of Stark , his unique touches makes Tony one of the most interesting character to study. Lets go through some of the unique attributes Downey extended to Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Inability to express feelings

“Humans are a social species…we rely on social connections to survive”.



We have been witness to Tony’s Inability to express his feelings at multiple events. Maybe it was due to the way he was brought up , maybe it’s his behemoth ego or it may be Robert Downey Jr.’s own personal touch. Whatever be the case , Tony can not express his feelings with the same ease as others.

He depends upon the opposite person’s conduct and instinct to rely on in a relationship – be it friendship , love or something else. For all the playboy he is , he takes his time to open up with people. And he can not open up with all kinds of people. It takes time for Tony Stark to believe people and confine his trust in them. 

And Tony won’t let you know that he has this flaw. We will come to know about it in the few moments as to why he does that , but it is as it is. He has started to develop a fatherly attitude towards Peter , but he won’t admit. He may have understood Captain in the whole parent’s thing , but if I am estimating things right , he will have a lot of difficulty in being normal with him. Provided he gets a chance at all, judging by the ways things are escalating in Infinity War.


Full of himself 

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”  – Thomas Merton



The character was an arrogant young man before he became Iron Man. Few days in the cave taught him many things about life. He became a more humble person but he still wanted to be the biggest man in the room when Avengers happened. That lessened up in Age of Ultron. No !  that was not because of his mistake , he was more comfortable with the team by then. As I said , it takes time for Tony to believe people and confine his trust in them.

Civil War broke his heart and I am expecting more of the full of himself Tony to come back. As we know from the initial synopsis , Tony will be putting his full effort to keep Earth safe on his own. We know he will be joined in by the likes of Bruce Banner , Peter Parker , Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange soon but we will be seeing more of the arrogant Tony Stark again. 

The friends he trusted in (Natasha and Steve) hurt him. He is angry. He will pretend he doesn’t need them in anything. That’s how he operates on a fundamental level. And hopefully , you will realize that when he speaks with Bruce Banner in Infinity War.


Pretends to look strong always

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”  – Ernest Hemingway



As mentioned earlier , he pretends to look strong…always. He is an incredibly genius human being , but there is a limitation to that. Infinity War is likely demonstrate that. And when he can’t , things inside him tends to snap.

He had a hard time adapting what he learnt in the caves of Afghanistan , but he harassed it all to become a hero at the end. But the events of Avengers proved too much for him. Why shouldn’t it ? He continued to get several panic attacks for months henceforth and was the chief factor in him making Ultron or Vision.

It’s not bad to look strong. And while it’s not a flaw at all , people with that attribute tend to break when things go out of their comprehension. And this makes them humane and adds a layer of realism to them , provided they are fictional characters. Same goes with Tony Stark.

A bad decision maker 

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” – Plato



Some people say Tony Stark has made more monsters than anyone in the universe. I say he has indulged in more bad decisions than anyone. And not just decisions , actions without any rational thought follow. So what are the bad decisions we are talking about ? 

Well , openly threatening a terrorist giving out his own address to be attacked upon , creating Ultron or revealing to the government that Agent Barton had a family counts among the major ones. Tony Stark has proved time and again that he is not the ideal man when it comes to decision making.

While the bad decision making are the resultants of his other flaws , it is also to be noted that all these makes him more humane. You can’t just expect a man with all the upbringing and privileges Tony had , to break grounds in making decision in work tactics and strategy. Let alone if he is shown that he is responsible for the deaths of his friends.


Tony Stark is a genius and an exceptionally good human being and his flaws do nothing but add texture to the goodness. Judging by the trailers , Tony is seen to be the most devastated by the events going around. It’s to be seen whether he can use all his flaws to craft his strength against the biggest threat the Avengers has faced , that too at a bad period of time.

For now let me know if I have skipped on any flaw and whether you disagree with me on any point , in the comments section below. Also , if you want you can share your own articles like this through the contribute section with just a registration. It’s free and simple ! 







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