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Today we bring you 10 superhero movie which are worth watching with your valentine.



The concept of heroes has been in prominence ever since the inception of life. One of the most interesting virtues of the hero is his/her romantic life and how he/she chose to handle it. Being a hero is not always easy. But what’s worrying is that the problems always tend to take its toll in a hero’s personal life. Especially the loved ones.

This situation has transcended to the superhero movies as well. There are alter egos , there are wives and girlfriends and there is this whole “saving the world” thing. All does not seem to compute very well , most of the times. But when they do , they leave a pretty good experience on the viewer’s mind.

Not only superheroes !  All of us try to spend quality time with our loved ones. So today we take the opportunity of Valentine’s day to address 10 superhero movies which along with its fair share of super-heroism has a fabric of romance in it. However , not all movies have a satisfying ending ; and in a manner that gives us more reason to not take the people who love us , for granted. Ladies and gentlemen , 10 superhero movies worth watching with your beloved this Valentine’s day (not ranked )  :


Superman 1978



Superman 1978 may have been the first big superhero movie of Hollywood. But the block-buster featuring the last son of Krypton was great in multiple levels. It justified the chemistry between Superman and Lois as well as Clark and Lois. The contrast in between them is what makes the relationship a delight to watch. 

The epic romance was panned out in Superman 2 creating a great romantic arc. Richard Donner created a Superman movie which was meant to show the great depths of goodness and compassion the Man of Steel possesses but ended up giving a lot more. 

Sweet and funny , the romance between Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent and Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane is something you can relish even today. 


Batman Returns 



Ewwww ! Why is this in the list ? Before you freak out , just consider the chemistry the unique romance brought to the table. Two people equally psychotic and dark in their own respect love each other’s uncanny presence around one another. And while that’s bizarre , Batman returns explained why that can be entertaining as well.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton both played their roles extremely well , thus portraying the Dark Knight’s complex and crazy chemistry with Catwoman on the big screen. Batman is a man who has a dark and complex background , so how can his love life be anything normal ? 

Bruce Wayne is a casanova and has been with many women , some even among the likes of goddesses.But the most prominent and convenient romance always finds its way to him through Selina Kyle. The dichotomy in the roles they play in and out of the spandex is what makes their relationship unique and memorable. And that plays very well with Tim Burton’s Batman Returns as well. 


Spiderman 2



How can we ever expect to build the list on superhero romance , without Peter and Mary. The sweet innocent romance that took the first movie to slowly evolve , found its space in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2. Although it was a shortlived as Spiderman 3 went to a total overdose on possibly all the things we came to love from the first 2 Spiderman movies.

Gwen Stacy holds a more prominent role in the love life of the web head , but Kristen Dunst played an admirable role of Mary Jane throughout the trilogy. Their chemistry stood so good in fan appreciation , that most of the general movie audience had a hard time accepting Gwen Stacy back in the amazing series reboot.

Today almost after 14 years of its release , the movie’s romantic architecture is strong enough to blossom a smile in your face. If you are acquainted with Sam Raimi’s Spiderman , you will definately enjoy the matured romantic arc Spiderman 2 deploys.


The Incredibles



Looking for a family romantic film ? Incredibles can be your safest bet , whether you want to enjoy it with a special one or your entire family. The Disney Pixar animation reminds us that not all romance has to end with a kiss at sunset , some extend beyond that to a family. 

And with the sequel just around the corner , this might be a good time to recapitulate the happenings of the first. While the powers each one has brings a unique chemistry to the table , the romance between the Power couple is clearly visible to the audience.

While one might consider the movie had to deal with PG material , let me tell me the flick has a sense of maturity to it. Staying in a safe boundary , the movie teases how love still holds the same magic , years after marriage. Ways change but not the love for each other.





The R-Rated hardcore romance which can be obnoxious at times , can be a good quality time for you and your valentine (Why…why am I laughing while writing this ?). Anyway , the R-Rated 2016 flicks broke many records but the weird romance Vanessa and Wade had , was nothing short of adorable.

The movie does go dark as Wade is tortured to being a merc with a mouth but it all does settle down at the end. The hero get to have the girl , the villain is defeated and a sequel is just around the corner. Yes ! Sounds about right.  

In a nutshell , Deadpool serves as a solid entertainment which will not let you forget the importance of Valentine’s Day ( and Women’s day as well) , once you have seen it. Deadpool 2 hits theaters this May.


Wonder Woman



Not every love story has a nice ending. This one unfortunately was among one of the unlucky ones. But that didn’t let down the romance for as long as it had its presence. Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman was a ground breaking female led superhero movie and contains a number of things to admire.

The romance between  Steve Trevor and Diana prince was surprisingly of good quality. Superhero movies have let us down lately , when it comes to the romantic part. Wonder Woman was a rare opportunity for a filmmaker to portray the strength of a woman through her compassion for good. 

Wonder Woman is a strong woman from a magical land and Steve Trevor is a dedicated spy. Both team up to an adventure of a lifetime and a romance free from the evil desires of this world. In all honesty , Wonder Woman might be the romantic superhero drama that can make your Valentine’s day even more special. 


Guardians of the Galaxy



Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge MCU block-buster back when it came out. The witty direction of James Gunn helped evolve the humorous yet bright tone of the weird cosmic team up to come alive. Of all things , one shouldn’t forget the romantic arc between Peter Quill and Gamora that is pertinent through out the movie.

As unconventional as it is , seeing the off springs of two exceptional beings coming together slowly with the help of a strong plot and a star studded 80s soundtrack mix was nothing short of satisfying. Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie for all ages , and its romance for all couples.

While the romance panned out to the sequel , things got darker. So this might be the appropriate MCU recap for your Valentine’s day.


Captain America : The First Avenger



Probably another sad story of the superhero lore where the hero has to sacrifice his love for the greater good. Not that anybody dies , but no one gets to live either. While the couple was not lucky enough to finish what the turn of events started , Captain got to see Peggy leave this earth. As devastating as it was , the romance did find time to leave its imprint in the universe and Steve’s life.

Peggy Carter was the first love of Steve Rogers and nothing will change that ever. It’s truly satisfying to see how love used to be back in those days through the lens of a superhero movie. Peggy’s death broke the good Captain’s heart in Civil War , but the movie Captain America : The First Avenger won’t break yours.

Relive the romance from the good old days , as Steve Rogers embarks of a journey to defeat the infamous HYDRA and stop the big battle forever. 


The Amazing Spiderman 



The Amazing Spiderman franchise couldn’t live up to the taste of many , but the relationship between Peter and Gwen was satisfying most of the times. It’s a shame that it didn’t end well , as TASM 2 adapted one of the most cruelest and demoralizing death in the entire comic book history.

But for the most of it , Andrew and Emma was able to succeed in justifying the iconic relationship on the big screen. The movie serves great as a teenager romance flick and is guaranteed to give you a fun time during the Valentine’s.


Batman Begins



One of the most astonishingly matured relationship was of Bruce and Rachel back in Batman Begins. Not only she helped him not go astray from the right path , but continued to care about him. Its not common when you find a good friend from your young days in form of a lover.

However , being Batman has a cost and the relationship was not the same when The Dark Knight came out. But that does not puts down the excellent job Katie Holmes and Christian Bale did with the romance between the two characters. It was like a good old romance which everyone adored but at the same time knew was “too good to ever work out”.

Some things are worked out with a bit of sacrifice and conduct from both sides. Some are just graced with bad lack or a sense for the greater good of a hero. In any case , this were the 10 superhero movies which is worth watching on a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s day.

There are always some notable mentions as of Tony and Pepper , Bruce and Natasha , Lois and Clark in the DC Cinematic Universe , Hellboy and Liz Sherman and Logan and Jean. Let us know if you missed on any or some of your favorite romantic superhero movies , in the comments section below. Also keep following us for superhero updates. For now , Happy Valentine’s Day.





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