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Hello everyone ! This week was again dominated by the news of Marvel Studios as Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Red Carpet event was carried out just a few hours ago in LA.Lets start with the most recent talk , Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man and the Wasp featuring Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man and Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp.


Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Quantum Realm




Lets get straight to the point without wasting much time. The flick is reported to revolve a lot around the Quantum Realm , an unexplored territory in MCU just like the Dark Dimension.

What we do know about it is that Scott could successfully come out of the realm and that his exit will open doors to threats from that world – Hannah John-Kamen’s Ghost. But it will also feature the comeback of the original wasp – Janet Van Dyne ; the mother of Hope and wife of the original Ant-Man , Hank Pym.



But what’s interesting is that the application of the Quantum Realm does not end over there.According to Kevin Fiege , we can hope to see more of it in the upcoming MCU. Here is what he said to :

There are things that you see back there that Peyton has put in there. Where and how they pay off in the near term and the long term remains to be seen.

And by that one just can not resist the temptation of wondering whether that would be effective in the immediate untitled Avengers 4. Especially when we have set leaks like this :



Reveal of Avengers 4 title and Captain Marvel teaser




There is so much to consume from Avengers : Infinity War and so little we know about the sequel Avengers 4 that it’s normal for fans to be anxious. But Kevin Fiege says that it is not going to be soon that we can hope to know the title of Avengers 4.

That’ll be after the Captain Marvel teaser probably, announcing that title.” Kevin Fiege said to . “It’ll be towards the end of the year with however we launch that film.

So that implies we have to wait a long time before we get to know the title of Avengers 4 , especially if we consider that Marvel Studios will be slipping the San Diego Comic Con Hall H this year. “I think there’s still a few months on it.” Feige said, when asked him when can we expect the Captain Marvel trailer.”You already know as much as you need to. We’ve got Skrulls, we’ve got the Kree, it takes place in the 90s, you have Sam Jackson with two eyes and Carol Danvers, a unique telling of Carol Danvers origin story. We are about two weeks out from completion of principal photography.”


Spider-man : Far from Home




Tom Holland recently announced that the name of the Spider-man sequel will be Far from Home. That co-ordinates with the previous info that Spider-man will go worldwide and that the villain will be accordingly put in.

Kevin Fiege further illustrated this by putting context into why Peter would be going outside.We know it’s the summer. I think it’s summer vacation. I think he’s going to Europe with his friends.” The Marvel Studios president said to io9. “I don’t know what summer… I mean, I do know [but you don’t].

Talking about Jake Gyllenhaal , who was rumored to be playing Mysterio in the sequel, Kevin Fiege didn’t confirm or deny anything.

Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol.3



We have been reminded time and again through social Q&A with James Gunn , that volume 3 will feature the last of the current team as the Gaurdians. And sadly that seems to come closer. James Wan recently posted an update inferring that he has finished on the screenplay of the movie and looking forward to pre-production.

With a releae date of 2020 and cameras expected to start rolling in early 2019 , there are bigger things to worry right now. All the guardians except Rocket and Nebula are dead right now after Infinity War , and that needs to be sorted out before anything else.

Future of MCU



Marvel Cinematic Universe is walking towards a new tomorrow and it is being implied time and again. Cassie Lang , announcement of a Ms. Marvel movie in works and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man himself are examples of new generation of heroes getting inspired by the previous one. One can’t unnotice the path MCU is building towards the young Avengers.

Kevin Fiege shared his own view on this point in an interview with Heroic Hollywood. Well…sure. And both of those you just mentioned we talked about for a long time and they went over to be successful TV shows. We’ve always been fans of Power Pack and figuring that out. ” Marvel studios President said. ” So…where and when we would see the evolution of that? I don’t know. And certainly – taking our cue from the comics as we always do – that’s why we wanted Cassie, a very young Cassie in this movie, to be inspired by her father. Just planting seeds.

So that was it. Let us know what you thought of this updates and what more are you expecting to see from MCU in the future , in the comments section below.

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