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If you haven’t seen ABC’s hit series LOST , let me give you a bit of context over here. The fourth season of the show redefined everything the show stood for , converging multiple timelines. But what’s more interesting to us is the comparison Ant-man and the Wasp star Evangeline Lilly drew from the LOST season 4 to the untitled Avengers 4.”When I heard about Infinity War [and Avengers 4] and the direction that they’re heading, I did have this moment of realizing, oh, wow, there’s a bit of a déjà vu for me with the Lost franchise,” the 39 year old Canadian actress quipped. Well , that was way back in November and many things have changed since then in terms of set leaks and rumors.

Most of us have no idea what Avengers 4 is going to be about with Thanos now successful in attempting what he intended to. And thus people have been speculating about anything and everything from the set photos leaked last year from Avengers 4.. While we have seen most of the fan speculation not hitting right , no one can ignore the number of rights they have laid right over the first couple of years.



Whatever it is , most of the set photos clearly hints at time travel. If we look back , Russo Brothers and the writers have consistently insisted that the number of deaths in Avengers : Infinity War were real. That is incredibly hurting to our commons sense for a lot of factors : Spider-man is still essentially a SONY property and they have a lot of dreams around Tom Holland’s Spider-man , Spider-man sequel is announced with details about the movie widening with every month it steps closer to production and lastly : Disney board members won’t allow T’Challa to be killed after the incredible success of the first movie.

So , it might not be as easy as you thought it to be. But there’s still one way what the directors are saying will stand true but still the characters get to live. Alternate Timelines !  Characters really died in this timeline and they will never come back again. But what about other timelines ? The set photos gives a slight hint of an older Tony going back but younger versions of the character still present in the timeline. 



Avengers : Infinity War , beneath all the layer of spectacular frames , was a very simple story. Thanos and his army came for the infinity stones at a rate the divided heroes could not get ready for , the only complex element in the story being Thanos himself. But Avengers 4 could take a drastic turn. It might take a lot for the heroes to be finally capable to face Thanos again , let alone reverse the timeline.

Of course making Tony Stark go back and do these things would be the noblest and biggest fan service Marvel ever did , but there are few missing keypoints in the equation. The super powerful Carol Danvers and Ant-Man and the Wasp are two of the many missing links. While Ant-Man and the Wasp has started its red carpet event at Taiwan today , Captain Marvel was rumoured to drop a trailer/teaser this week.

Additionally , new footages from Avengers 4 as well as Captain Marvel has been shown in the CineEurope convention , but since it’s unlikely to drop online , we didn’t bother you with the unnecessary updates.



Let nothing fool you , it will take a lot of time for us to see any footage from the untitled Avengers 4. With Avengers : Infinity War now in the 2 billion club , 2 inter-mediate smaller movies in the row and the strict one-movie-at-a-time focus rule of Marvel Studios , it seems unlikely we get anything untill San diego  : Comic Con even the title. But then again , Kevin Fiege said Marvel would be skipping the Comic Con for this year : so it is entirely on an uncertainty zone. Looks like we have to settle with DC , which looks more epic than ever with all the good things up its sleeve : Awuaman , WW84 ,Shazam and probably insight into more future films in slate.Matt Reeves’s Batman maybe ? 

Back to topic , it can be incredibly irritating for the MCU fans who have been waiting for this event for years. But if you look deeper , it makes sense. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is walking towards a new tomorrow and it calls for a big event. Thanks to the incredibly creative and humble approach of the studio to its properties , they have got so much love in form of the huge gross by Black Panther and Avengers : Infinity War. Unlike what most of the memes out there suggest , Marvel Studios has created an incredible platform for other fellow studios to shine ; not being able to perform is their discredit.



But amidst all the confusion and speculation we can all agree that Avengers 4 will not compromise on its epicness for complexity of the story. And that is proven from the recent Avengers 4 photo that surfaced online with the remaining World’s mightiest charging with their full might. Captain Marvel is the perfect addition now that half of the team is gone.

That was all for this week’s Weekly talk. Next week we will catch up on something else , untill then let me know what you think about the topic and keep following us for more superhero updates.


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