What does Iron Man and Spiderman think about Wakanda ? Find out !2 min read

Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland delivers the way their characters might visualize Wakanda in Avengers : Infinity War



Black Panther ended on a proud tone with the Black King smile when questioned by the people about what could Wakanda possibly offer. I wouldn’t blame the people asking the questions.No one except the likes of a few are unacquainted with the marvels of the nation of Wakanda. 

On the note of how old and new members would reacte to this mystical utopia , every one has their a piece of their mind for the particular land. Likewise Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man’s focus seems to be more fixed on the technology involved and how would it impact the world.

Well, a technologically advanced country is probably something that he wishes would benefit humanity without creating more infighting,” Downey said to Entertainment Weekly. “I think that’s what he would hope for America. That’s what he would hope for the world. I think to him, he would view it as a potentially utopian model.

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker , on the other hand seems content with fighting alongside Shuri. “I think Peter would love it. There’s some great moments in the comics where Peter ends up there,” he said. “And Letitia and I have become really good friends over the last year and a bit. It would be brilliant to have our characters meet up, it would be so funny. She’s brilliant in the movie, she’s actually my favorite part of Black Panther.

Wakanda as teased in the trailer , seems to take a major portion of the film and one of its battle sequences. Kevin Fiege hinted that Wakanda might take the place of Asgard in the future MCU as a future “anchor point”. So it will be interesting to see how dependent Avengers : Infinity War and its unnamed sequel Avengers 4 make the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Wakanda and its protector.

Let us know what you thought about Downey and Holland’s comments on Wakanda and be sure to follow us for more updates on Avengers : Infinity War.

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