Wilson Fisk faces trouble in this Daredevil Season 3 set photos.2 min read

We already know the Wilson Fisk will be appearing in Daredevil Season 3 , which is all set to adapt the Born Again story line. Now some new photos claim towards a certain protest getting initiated towards the Kingpin.



Wilson Fisk has created enough trouble for Marvel heroes  ; especially our Daredevil and Spiderman over the span of time in the comic books . That thing well transcended to the Netflix show where Vincent D’Onofrio gave a stunning yet grounded texture to the character. The threat while reported to return in a more vicious form in the cloaking of a plot that heavily inspires from Marvel’s ‘Born Again’ lore , some new set photos indicate towards a protest accumulating against Fisk.



This should strike as no surprise since Fisk has been not very loved by the media and common people for quite some while . The happenings of the first season had gone public and people know about the darker side of Wilson Fisk , now in prison. But considering the character and his influence of power , it doesn’t look he will be behind bars for long. And as you can see , the people have already tried to gather to protest the release of the crime mogul. 

But what is to be seen is how Fisk uses his freedom to bring down hell for the devil of Hell’s Kitchen and/or his companions. Considering the story line the show is rumored to follow , expecting a upfront personal battle should not be overthinking at this point. What do you think of this set photos ? Are you excited for the third season ? Let us know in the comments section below.


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