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With Wonder Woman 2 principal photography starting very soon the hype has been building up ever so slowly but steadily for this one. The first movie had amazing music along with many other great qualities. And if we are not incorrect the first taste of melody from Wonder Woman 2 is with us earlier than expected.

According to IMDb , Trevor Jefferson is a Record Producer & Engineer Futuristic Beatz has stamped his indelible imprint on the music scene since the early-2000. He has worked on projects like Avengers : Infinity War , Black Panther and Wonder Woman to name a few. He is also listed as “music coordinator” of Wonder Woman 2.

Now this man has posted a clip on Instagram containing some music which he claims to be music beats from Wonder Woman. Give it a listen.


The first beat for the Wonder Woman2 Movie is complete #wonderwoman2 #dccomics #movies

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If this is legitimate, I doubt Warner Bros. would want Wonder Woman 2 music online like this. Do you like what you hear? Do you think this is real? Let me know in the comments below. Oh and in case the video gets deleted from Instagram, here is a link from Twitter.

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