Wonder Woman to get a new ‘battle gear’ costume in the sequel2 min read


Last summer’s surprise blockbuster Wonder Woman left us wanting more of the Amazonian princess and we are going to get more of her by November next year when the sequel hits theaters.

In Wonder Woman 2 (due to the lack of a better name) Diana will now get involved in the Cold War where she’ll cross paths with Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah. Whatever enemies she comes face to face with next, she will do so in some exciting upgraded garb/armor.

The news comes from Las Vegas where the 2018 Licensing Expo has kicked off where At Warner Bros.’ presentation, they showed some storyboard artwork which revealed a new costume for Wonder Woman. They also showed a small preview of what Kirsten Wiig will look like as the villain Cheetah.



According to Daniel Eliesen, who was in attendance for the WB presentation, Wonder Woman’s new costume is described as “battle gear”.Since it’s a licensing show, no photos were allowed to be taken, but Eliesen provided a description of what he saw, saying: “Cheetah was literally a tease image based on what they want it to look like. Hard to explain but probably what you think, for WW it’s a battle gear, pretty cool.”

It sounds exciting as long as it does not create any major plot-holes. As you know Wonder Woman’s look from Batman v Superman gave us a weary and battle worn costume showcasing her as a seasoned warrior. If this costume change comes as a temporary measure it will be better for the overarching storyline.

So what do you think about the new costume for the Amazonian Princess? Sound off with your thoughts below. Wonder Woman 2 hitstheaters November 1, 2019. For moreSuperhero updates keep following us.


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