Zack Snyder reveals that Carrie Kelley as Robin was in his plan as another rumor points to Affleck’s exit as Batman3 min read


Yesterday a VFX reel from Suicide Squad was discovered online which featured a deleted scene of the movie of Batman talking to Harley after rescuing her. Have a look at the video below. You will find the footage at the 0:20 mark :

Though the video has no audio feed , but on comparing it with the novel , it seems this is the conversation :

Harley : Why the favor , Bats ?

Batman :  Joker took something important away from me. It’s my turn.

As expected like any other major reveal nowadays , the discussion was taken up to Zack Snyder at Vero and he responded as always , with an interesting statement. According to him , the fallen Robin at the hands of Harley and Joker was Dick and not Jason , as many of you might expect it to be. However , there was plans of including Carrie somewhere down the line. This makes sense since Aflleck’s Batman is inspired from Miller’s The Dark Knight Rises and we all know what impact Carrie Kelley has on him.




While this might be a thrilling topic for some fans , I am sure everyone understands it doesn’t matters…not anymore. Snyder’s vision was completely shattered with Justice League , the most impact falling on the caped crusader. A man like a 45 year old Bruce Wayne who had fallen into the depths of darkness was “cringe-fully” revived to a hopeful team leader by the meaningless death of the man of steel.

Well , that is a thing long gone as we are hit with (maybe) the 100th rumor that Ben Affleck is leaving the role of Batman. Snyder Cut has proved to be a distant dreams for those who believed in it , Flashpoint was too ambitious right from the start and Matt Reeves’s standalone Batman is getting too good to be true day by day. Result : Another appearance of Ben Affleck as Batman is distancing itself from being reality.

According to the rumor , Ben is planning forward to his retirement from the iconic role after he was disgraced once again in the comic book community after about 14 years. Only this time , it wasn’t his fault , at all. The studio won’t admit that , Ben won’t … this won’t be the end of it and the drama would prevail for an undefined period. But still , we got to keep you updated with what’s going on with someone who used to be the most famous and beloved superhero in town.



Would you like to see Affleck in a movie directed by Matt Reeves ? Or would you like to see a reboot on the character ? Let us know your thoughts down below. and follow us for more superhero updates.

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